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Get connected to the Internet
and each other with a home
or small business

With a Home or Small Business Network you can:
  1. Share one Internet connection between several computers
  2. Connect to the Internet or other PC's wirelessly
  3. Share printers and files between computers
  4. Manage backups in one location
  5. Play games between computers
  6. Share your PC's broadband connection with your XBox or Playstation

We can help with
  1. Setting up your Internet and Email
  2. Setting up and Securing your Wireless Router and WiFi network*
  3. Troubleshooting Internet connection problems
  4. Adding new computers to your existing Internet connection
  5. Parental Control software to protect your children
  6. Extending ADSL cabling between the phone socket and your PC

* Many existing wireless setups in the home and even some businesses are unprotected against unauthorised use of the Internet connection and intrusion into the PC's on the network. It's scary to think someone could be searching for and viewing illegal content on your unprotected wireless Internet connection. You would be legally responsible by default and you'd have to try to prove that it wasn't you!

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